Efficiency and functionality

A.P. Green Rain offers software and hardware solutions and integration systems to best manage irrigation in greenhouses, vineyards, orchards and, in general, farmland.

Our software's ability to accumulate climatic information and to program crop irrigation consequently allows high system efficiency to benefit soil fertility and the right development of the crops concerned. Adding to this is a clever use of water that allows a significant saving of resources.

Systems for your needs

Un approfondito studio in fase progettuale ci permette di orientare le nostre scelte per sistemi hardware e software realizzati per le vostre esigenze, o di procedere all'integrazione dei vostri sistemi esistenti implementandoli laddove ce ne sia il bisogno.

Seguendo queste direttive avrete un sistema efficiente e funzionale che vi permetterà di programmare con semplicità e senza sprechi il sistema di irrigazione più adatto alla vostra coltura. Tutti i nostri sistemi software possono essere gestiti anche a distanza attraverso PC, tablet o smartphone.

Our irrigation systems for greenhouses, vineyards and farmland

Green Tree

Green Tree is the ideal solution for irrigation of greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, farmland.

In addition to simplicity in management and programming, Green Tree allows high efficiency and significant water savings.


Eco-Volver control unit

The Eco-Volver control unit enables functional integration between climate sensors and irrigation systems. In this way it is possible to customize the plant according to different parameters, between the type of crop and the climatic and environmental conditions.


Green Rain provides standard and customized solutions based on the varietal landscape, the cultivar type and the geographic / climatic conditions of the reference crop.

Contact us for more information and specific projects and interventions on your greenhouses or farmland.