Company profile

A.P. Automation is a reality founded in Veneto - precisely in Vicenza - from Alberto Piccolo, a young programmer with years of experience in industrial automation.
The fascination of water, the territory of the Veneto characterized by large areas dedicated to agriculture, the hills and mountains lapping Vicenza, with their lush flora, bring A.P. Automation desire to create projects where water and human capacity to use it better for their own ends are the basis for the development of dedicated software.

Green Rain

With these premises A.P. Automation has developed the line GREEN RAIN that is born from the need to combine functionality and ease of use in the business world where technology, beauty and water saving are the protagonists.

Our software allows a automated scheduling of gardens, lawns, golf courses, parks, greenhouses, vineyards, orchards and farmland, and allow a rational and economic management of this important and vital resource: the water!

Our irrigation systems (software and hardware)

A.P. Green Rain Automation provides standard and customized solutions for every need.

Parks and gardens irrigation

Parks and gardens


Greenhouses and vineyards irrigation

Greenhouses and vineyards


Water management

Water management


Our services

Feasibility study

Advice and support in the acquisition of hardware and software

Design and management systems study to golf courses, private villas, hotels, large parks, greenhouses, agricultural crops, vineyards

Supply electrical system

Turnkey service

Staff training

First Aid for technical assistance


Technical assistance of systems out of warranty and out of production

Applications migrating from old ideas to new technologies

Planned Annual Service

Online support