The rational management of water

In a historical moment marked by climate change and rising temperatures, A.P. Green Rain has intensified research and development to offer its Customers water management systems that help preserve this very important resource.

With software and hardware solutions and integration systems, A.P. Green Rain has developed the S-Drop system for the use of large amounts of rainwater and the weather station Green Weather to allow irrigation is only necessary.

Savings and water efficiency

Why water a field or a meadow when it's raining? Yet such scenarios can still be seen today.
Thanks to its innovative solutions, A.P. Green Rain allows you to efficiently and rationally use water. This does not only result in water saving alone, but in more effective irrigation for specific crops. By analyzing meteorological data and managing rainwater supplies, our software and hardware systems are able to provide you with the water needed to cultivate farmland, greenhouses, or parks and gardens.

Our water management products


In addition to simplicity in management and programming, Green Tree allows high efficiency and significant water savings.


Green Weather

The indispensable weather station to manage irrigation of your crops more efficiently...


A.P. Green Rain creates new water management systems or integration systems with existing plants.

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